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A Successful Opening

After 12 months since its incorporation, Gibson India is now firmly established, and are officially on the panel of IOC/BPCL/HPCL for their cargo tenders.

Gibson India strongly complements the existing range of shipbroking services provided to their clients by the Gibson group with supplementary offices in London, Singapore, Hong Kong and Houston.

Director of Gibson India, Mr Pari Prakash says “I am extremely proud of the success of Gibson India and how we have been able to quickly expand our range of services to our very good clients. We are active in the LPG, LNG, Tanker, Sale and Purchase and Recycling sectors. Working closely with our colleagues in London, Houston and Singapore, we are able to draw on the depth of knowledge and pedigree of the Gibson brand”.

Gibson India was successfully able to hire Mr Anuj Gosalia earlier this summer, who has vast experience as a cash buyer and as a Sale and Purchase Recycling broker. Since joining Gibson’s, he has been very active and he has sold ships into and from all major Indian owners. Working closely with the Sale and Purchase colleagues in London, he provides a much-needed presence for Gibson in the Sale and Purchase and Recycling sectors East of Suez.  

Gibson India was also successful in recruiting Capt. Sunil Thakur who has quickly established solid and successful crude Tanker shipbroking services with both our good local and overseas clients.

Gibson are actively looking to expand their successful teams in India, and worldwide. 


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